What Would We Do Without Rain?

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Sometimes I can’t help being a grouch. I guess it’s what happens to a person when they get old. They get old, grouchier and grumpier.

The past several months I was grouchy about the weather. What’s there to grouch about nowadays? I’d grouch about Squirrel Poop politics, but it’s a world of craziness. I suppose good men and women visit Washington, DC, but they do not stay good for long. Thus, I’ve given up grouching about politicians and politics and such.

Among the great things about grouching about the weather is that there is not anything you can do about the weather. You might not like the weather. You might want a different type of weather. However, there’s actually nothing you can do to alter the weather on the outside.

Over time, I’ve realized that if I wanted to wager on which day it was going to rain, it’d be the day I wash my car. When I’m out there washing my car, Mother Nature is looking down on me grinning among her sarcastic grins, knowing that she’s going to send rain my way daily.

I like grouching about the weather. After all, you will need to grouch about something and I’d rather grouch about something which I had nothing whatsoever to do with then something that I could change.

The other day I began downtown and the sky was bright and sunny. Twenty minutes later, it had been raining cats and dogs.

Three months ago at the church, we purchased a brand-new lawnmower. We have never been able to use it so we don’t know if it actually works or not.

Considering the rain condition, we’re in I often wonder about how Noah felt about the rain in his day. He built an ark and there wasn’t a drop of rain available.

For 100 years, Noah was building his ark and telling folks that the rain was coming shortly. They laughed at him and likely he was the first man known as the Rainman. They weren’t laughing so much when the rain really did come.

When I thought it was around, there was a crackling thunder and the rain came down worse than before.

My wife looked at me and said,”What would you like to go out for?”

Because there’s nothing for me to do outdoors and furthermore, I’m not allowed to do some repair work on the exterior by decree of the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage. No matter how bad something is broken, five minutes with me and it is going to be worse than previously. In other words, based on her estimation.

I tried to keep silent for a few more moments, but lo and behold, out came more grouchiness. I guess a person my age has plenty of grouchy to come out, but there’s never a suitable time.

“I am getting so tired,” I said,”of the rain coming rather than stopping. When will the rain stop? I can do with this rain.”

At the moment, my wife came into the area where I had been sitting and stared at me for a few minutes. She’s those stares that penetrate straight to the soul and back out again. I was reluctant to say anything at that moment.

I did not know whether this was a rhetorical question or when she was grilling me about our situation. She then turned around and went back into the kitchen to her job.

Where on earth would we be if it didn’t rain as it was supposed to rain?

If it weren’t for rain, we’d not have the gorgeous land we now have. The farmer’s fields wouldn’t grow. The gardener’s vegetables wouldn’t grow.

It’s important in this world in order for it to rain. Rain has a means of creating everything grow and be healthy.

A rainy day is somewhat like lifestyle. You can’t make it rain and you can’t make it stop. But, every rain has a beneficial impact on the world around us.

I can’t control the rain, neither can I control a lot of the components in my life but I may have a thankful heart like David, realizing that after the rain that the flowers will bloom.

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